What is Flight Pass?

How does Flight Pass work?

Flight Pass is an annual subscription for roundtrip travel -- you cannot use credits to book one-way travel. Most flights are available to select for only $0.01 plus $14.60 in airport taxes and fees, but some of the most popular flights will require a higher fare to select. While all credits do expire, you do have flexibility if your plans change. If you need to cancel your trip prior to your credit expiring, the credit will be redeposited in your account so you may rebook. If your credit has expired and you need to change flights, simply call Alaska Airlines at 888-885-0155 and pay any difference in fare.

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All Alaska Airlines flights within California, Arizona and Nevada are available to select using Flight Pass, and most are included for only $0.01 plus taxes/fees. Want to see for yourself? Use the search box below.

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